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As a homeowner, you're likely to have one of your biggest expenses be the pool in the backyard. Fortunately, owning this type of property is not without its perks! You'll get plenty of enjoyment from those warm summer days where everyone gets together at home for some quality family time and swimming fun. But as with any major purchase or investment into real estate that will last years upon years (or longer!), there are going to be rules and regulations on how best to care for it so it lasts as long as possible - even if it means just doing all maintenance yourself!


As homeowners ourselves we know firsthand what types of things come along with having our own pool, but also how much preparation goes into keeping them safe over their lifetime depending on location.



Drowning is an unfortunate reality when a child under the age of five slips into and falls unconscious in any body of water, including swimming pools. With such tragedies happening all too often for people living with small children, safety measures must be taken to avoid even one incident from occurring.


The first step would be to install guards on residential pool openings so that no young kids can slip through; it's also important not to have plants or other objects near the edge as they could easily lure someone over (and potentially pull them down).


To save time every day before you swim yourself, make sure there are barriers around your property: this includes fencing at least four feet high surrounding your entire premises - especially if you live close-by neighbors who might.



Pool Fence port st Lucie is committed to providing top-notch, high-quality pool safety fences. They are not satisfied with anything less than the best! Their fences meet all state codes and have been independently tested by experts for reliability.

With their commitment to excellence comes a guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied or they'll make it right at no additional cost - guaranteed!.


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Statistical Evidence of Pool Drowning Incidents

These are very sobering statistics. Every day, accidents occur when people are swimming in pools and drown or nearly drowned with some even succumbing to their injuries. There have been tragedies happening left and right that involve children who should be enjoying themselves at the pool but end up becoming victims of a drowning incident as they play instead of being safe near one side where adults can keep an eye on them. With so much information coming out about how Florida has seen such a dramatic rise in water incidents due to these reasons, it's time for you to do something about this!

Swimming pool with safety fence

Pool Safety Products

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is more fun than anything else. However, safety must always come first, and installing the right things can make all of that possible.


While there are many different products out there to choose from, three items you absolutely need for any child's protection around water go as follows: Pool Safety Fence - these fences will block children away from pools when they're not supposed to be near it;


Self-closing Gates – These gates automatically close after someone goes through them which prevents kids from getting stuck inside or outside of the gate without an adult present; Kid Safe Nets – To prevent small children who may fall into deep water with less chance against drowning accidents, use nets over 6 feet tall so their heads cannot touch the bottom

A closeup view of a swimming pool fence post, in a home backyard setting.

Pool Safety Fence

Pool safety fences are an essential part of pool installation. The barriers ensure that even if adults aren't nearby or they're busy near the fence but unable to keep an eye on children, kids from getting too close to the edge.


This would exempt parents and guardians from having to watch over their young ones all the time for fear that one might slip into deep water without them noticing-a very dangerous situation!


Baby guard pools need locks which can be difficult enough for a child's hands not to get through (or easy enough so as not to tempt him/her) otherwise it defeats its purpose; Safety fencing should also last in case toddlers have accidents going against them since these incidents may cause damage normally

Pool Safety Options

Close up view of a swimming pool net

Pool Safety Nets

Given the dangers of children and objects falling into swimming pools, it is important to have a safety net for your pool. If you don't want to install fencing permanently because your kids are in school during most days or you only have friends over on weekends, then installing removable nets may be easier. The lack of constant supervision means that homes with fences usually need temporary ones since they will not always be outside by their pool when company comes over!

A closed gate at the entrance to the pool

Pool Safety Gates

Pool safety self-closing gates are a crucial part of pool safety fences. They open to the outside only, i.e., away from the pool area, and serve both as an entrance into or exit out of the swimming area safely with children unable to reach them easily enough, either way, to pull on their handles in order for it be opened by themselves without supervision present at all times during use.


After you leave one behind that is closing automatically after your movements have pushed its handle over so no child can come close near any more than ever before; even if they were absentmindedly left closed due to lackadaisical supervision still nothing could go wrong since these do not register any power other than being able to measure some strength when shutting back again

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The Florida Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act

The Florida legislature passed the 2000 Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act to protect people from accidents such as drowning. The law requires pool owners follow certain rules, including that nobody can be over 18 years old in the swimming area unless they are a lifeguard or have had CPR training and there is always at least one person on deck who has been trained with water rescue techniques like throwing someone into an emergency ring if necessary.

Pool Safety - Young Girl Standing Outside Pool Fence Looking In To Pool Northland New Zealand


We all know the dangers of drowning, but imagine the horror if you're a child on your way to school. Safety pool fences have been proven reliable and effective in keeping children away from pools with no gaps or protrusion that are at least 4 feet high - it's not worth risking!


In the swimming pool industry, there are two types of safety fences: a self-closing gate and an outward opening door. The fence must be installed with the latch towards the inside for both styles to meet all regulations.


The pool owners should install safety exit alarms at their windows and doors for the sake of greater security. These exits have to be loud enough that people can hear them from 10 feet away, so they are safe even if there's an emergency situation like a fire or something else going on in close proximity to the water feature.


Pool installation must be done at a sufficient distance from the edge of pool. This is to ensure that even if, by chance, child or senior falls over into other side and they don't immediately hit water as quickly enough for their footing on ground before falling in.

The average person can walk up six feet without getting tired while wearing shoes with treads like tennis sneakers. If you walked barefoot across hot coals would it feel different?

Preventive Measures for Pool Safety

  • Young children are as fearless and active as toddlers, but they tend to be attracted more towards water than land. Unlike the toddler years where easy access is needed for them not to get into any accidents with pools or waters without protective cladding around it, young kids mainly have no idea of what's going on and hence will easily fall in if such a hazard isn't kept away from their reach.


  • Children love playing in water but have the least idea just how dangerous it could be. The waves and splashing that kids find so attractive can become deadly if they are not supervised by an adult or lifeguard. In pools specifically, toddlers can drown without any supervision at all because of their size and inability to swim properly.


  • When we think of drowning, it may not cross our minds that toddlers can drown in as little water as an inch or two. For this reason, the greatest precaution has to be maintained when dealing with children aged about 1-5 years old and even more but under 15; though unsafe around any age group for swimming accidents.


In order to minimize the chance of an accident or injury, pool owners should utilize safety tips such as installing a fence and keeping all gates closed.


Addtional Tips:


  • Sign your kids up for swimming lessons while they're young so that at the very least, their safety is on par with those of other children. Always keep a phone near you when in or around water; it's an easy way to stay connected if something goes wrong and someone needs help!
  • In order to avoid water mishaps, parents or guardians must do away with their accessories of distraction like mobile phones and laptops in the pool.
  • This is our last warning. Never rely on the toys or any floating devices inside a swimming pool, because your child may not be able to hold onto them and will likely slip off into drowning territory.


Protect Your Child Today!

Living near water is always an opportunity for fun but there are ways you could protect your family members even while they play nearby or swim laps: installing high quality child safe fencing around any type of waterside property will keep them safe no matter what their age may be.


We provide smart service from pool safety fence installation, swimming pool gates for kids, and more! Our company is equipped with a variety of quality protective products that will keep your children safe.


You can find what you're looking for in our inventory such as child-proof fencing for pools or retractable fences to protect them while they play around the water's edge at home.


We also sell guards which are perfect if you want to make sure that no one falls into the deep end without being seen by parents nearby - just get in touch today so we can discuss how best to suit your needs!

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